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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Why not full-time...

There is no news on the MBA front at all. The long weekend ended with an accident - I was changing lanes and a motorcycle came a hit my car on the side. After a 40 minute ordeal, I found out that the motorcycle rider did not have any insurance and although I checked for all blind spots before changing lane, the final verdict is yet to be issued.

With that crappy experience, more negative thoughts flooded my mind - things like how my insurance will be increased for next three years, I will be car-less for 10-15 days as it gets repaired, and the things I did wrong in the Haas interview.

That being said, I wanted to post my thoughts on the choice of full-time v/s part-time. For the longest time, I was conflicted between the full time v/s part time choices. Here is a list of my decision points.
  • Career direction - I knew that I did not want to change my career completely. I am in my 30's and I like my industry but I know that I lack skills to move me forward in my career. I wanted an MBA to give me wider breadth of skills to take on more diverse roles in my organization.
  • Career Stage - I know this may sound stupid. But I know that if I completely switch my career, I will have to almost again re-start my career to bring it to the point that it is today.
  • immediate Knowledge Application - I have heard time and time again from part time MBA students that the things they learn in their class have enabled them to be more effective at work . In many cases, it seemed that these "little" extras have enabled them to move into the desired areas.
  • Price tag - I realized that the cost of a ranked( top 20) full time MBA program is about 90-100K. The same is true for part time programs, however I figured that from the cost perspective, working while getting an MBA may allow me to have lesser debt.
  • Multi-tasking costs - I usually try to do something or the other even with my day job. I also think that this is a good opportunity to get better at multi-tasking- something I will need as I "climb the ladder".
  • Choice of Schools - Bay area has a good choice of schools like Haas, Tepper, and Wharton and there are some good distance choices like Duke, Chicago GSB, and UCLA.

These decision points will vary from person to person but the choice of why not full-time took me some time to make.


  • Are you ok physically? Sorry about the accident, definitely not a good way to spend your time. Any interest in coming to the city this Friday?

    By Blogger Marina, at February 22, 2006 10:50 PM  

  • Yes, are you doing alright?! Even if you're feeling fine, it is best to go in for a check-up. Sometimes whiplash can hide its symptoms well. Hope everything gets better for you!

    I think you're reasoning for a PT program is right on. Your 'career stage' thinking is not stupid at all. As you mentioned, you want to stay in the industry hoping to climb the ladder. Talking to other PT students, I think one thing to really look into is employer support. (Unless you're thinking of switching companies.) Ask: If I invest my time in a PT MBA, will there be an [immediate] promotion opportunity for me when I finish the degree? I think it's key when the employer realizes the investment you are making, supports you, and agrees that foobarme w/ MBA = promotion into [higher] role. Because with the MBA, you will add more value to the company.

    My 2 cents, and my full respect to you and your decisions. Good luck!! :-) Also, if you have time Friday night, would love for you to join us!

    By Blogger i_will_make_it, at February 22, 2006 11:05 PM  

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