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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A transformation experience

Another round of midterms are over and in a matter of few weeks two more courses will be done. When I was applying last year, most students would say that the MBA is a transformational experience. I quite did not know what to make of it a year back. As I am going through the first year, I do think that one goes through a transformational experience.

As I am going through the marketing classes, I am developing the real problem where I keep looking for "superior perceived value" in almost everything I buy. Every time I am at Target or Safeway, I pick up products and think, which market segment do I belong in, what differentiates this product from a competitor and why am I choosing it. It is turning out to quite a "transformational" experience because now I keep spending more time looking at things in the store. This is not exactly the best outcome, but on a more serious note, I feel that I am looking at seemingly ordinary things with a different set of eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!


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