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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Knock Knock

This has been a long long pause in my posting, but that really means that there has been lots and lots going on my end.

First, I am done with two more courses- Finance and Operations - and boy I am relieved. Both the courses were interesting although this was a gruelling term with lots of homework, cases and tests. I almost feel like taking a vacation but the new set of classes next weekend. This time it will be Macroeconomics and Leadership Communications.

Next week, we start our elective selection process for the summer session. The MBA program office recently held a really informative session outlining how to align electives with career objectives. I have seen a couple of interesting courses and definitely would like to sign up. By taking some additional courses this summer, I would be definitely in position to graduate in 2.5 years - by 2008.

In spite of the busy semester, I went to the Haas Alumni Event at the Menlo Circus Club. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. While I found that my networking abilities needed a double shot of espresso to "kick it up a notch", most people I met were incredible. The networking event once again provided me some ideas about my future career and get some first hand information from people in the industry.

Let me finish this posting by saying, Best of Luck to all Round 1 applicants to the EWMBA program. It was about a year back when I was anxiously waiting and I cannot believe how time has really flown by.

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