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Monday, September 11, 2006

Podcast away the writers block

Last year, right about this time, I was sweating bullets. I was truly having a hard time with my essays. A part of the challenge was the process of adequately defining career goals in the essays. Jeremy Dann writes in the Stacy Blackman blog about a similar issue around how to define the learning agenda in the business goals. Although, in general, I had a decent idea about what I wanted to do, I was sorely lacking in the specifics. I did some informational interviews with people in my company and I also actively looked at job postings that appealed to me. The combination of the two helped me get a better handle on specifics. Of late, I have been subscribing to a bunch of podcasts. This is a resource that I did not use myself, but I definitely feel the podcasts may get the little "brain gears" in motion necessary to get over the writers block.

Here is the short list of podcasts:

Happy writing!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Midterms and Career Tests

Its that time of the year for me when the midterms comes knocking at my door. The Organizational Behavior midterm is next week and the Microeconomics midterm is the week after that. I tried to prepare a bit for the midterm but it seems like most of the work is still left. I have to get back into a study groove and get some of this taken care of.

I had been waiting for a while to take my career assessment tests offered by the Haas career services but after reading Axechick's post I got myself moving. There are three tests geared to measure interests, motivations and abilities. The result is an interesting report that lists the potential matches with different career paths. I plan to print up this very detailed report, go through it, and make an appointment with a career advisor. I also spent some time watching the career management streaming video recordings. Tersely put, they were insightful.

Now, I have to get back to some serious studying for my midterms. Wish me luck !!