Dreaming of Picasso

Monday, October 16, 2006

10% MBA

Just finished the Finals for MircoEconomics and Organizational Behaviour. Phew!! this was something. I did enjoy both of my professors and enjoyed the classes also. The next two classes will be Accounting and Marketing and they start next weekend. I truly wish there was one full weekend - I am starting to miss my Saturdays. On the other hand, I am done with 4 credits, that's almost 10% of the 42 credits needed for the MBA.

Time to relax.....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Off to Israel

Last year, I was visiting Stanford, and one of the students mentioned about study trips. They were planning trips to a variety of places including one to Israel. I was really excited about this part and even mentioned this is my essay. This year Haas students are organizing study trips (in addition to things like the International Business Development and International Business Seminar that are offered as regular courses). I applied for the Study trip to Israel and I got the notification that I would be going. I am really excited about this. First, this will happen during the Christmas break so I will not have to take too many additional days off for this trip. Second, I have been curious about Israel in general and the fact that we will be meeting with a variety of leaders both in politics and business makes it an exciting choice. More on this in an upcoming post.

This was the high part so far, but between midterms and impending finals, I have been desperately trying to juggle work and school. Social life is more or less gone, but I am enjoying what I am learning - so I keep telling myself, this is all for the greater good. Next week, I plan to attend this workshop on case interviews. Although I am not looking for a job immediately, but I think it will be a useful workshop for later.

Time to go back to work...